Scum & Villainy – 2 questions

Scum & Villainy – 2 questions

Scum & Villainy – 2 questions

Hi, I’m new here! Hello, hello. I have two questions re: some rules in Scum & Villainy. I’m referencing the hardcover, so if there are updates, I’ve missed them.

Ok, question 1 – when listening to the Actual Play, there was mention that a communicator should be italicized, but I notice in the sheets on Roll20, it’s still in normal font. Was it decided that a communicator should take 1 slot? I get the argument for it, but I was wondering if there was an official rule.

question 2 – the pilot ability “exceed specs” says you can break a system you have access to to gain +1d or 1 effect when it says system, is it referring to the systems on the ships sheet, like jump drive, fake transponder etc? or is this a more vague description intentionally, so pilots can do things like “the microconvertors on the aft motivators, if I disconnect them, this just might work!” kind of thing. my feeling is this would be a discussion, the consequence of this system failing would be agreed upon, and then played out, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. This is my first time playing (3rd time if you count blades and mortally bankrupt, so I’m being careful. I’ve made a pilot, and frankly, she’s the worst. Exceed specs would be a great fit if it works how I’m hoping. thanks!

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  1. On question 2. The clarification for Exceed Specs on page 88 reads: “Overload a system for a short-term boost. The system’s quality is still the same for the one roll you’re boosting. After the roll, the system fries out and the quality is reduced.”

    I take it to mean that the systems in question are Engines, Hull, Comms, and Weapons. Reducing ‘breaking’ the systtem would then mean reducing the numerical value for that system (after the roll).

    I see it a bit like lowering an attribute in, say, D&D.

  2. Q1. They should be italic on the released sheets. Where did you get your sheets from? Because they seem to be out of date.

    Q2. Woodhtorn you’re on fire for speedy answers ^_^ Thanks!

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