Could one crew have more than one reputation?

Could one crew have more than one reputation?

Could one crew have more than one reputation?

I mean, crew reputation as at page 93, not the REP you get when you complete successful scores. And I’m asking this because, at the end of each session, you get XP if you bolstered your crew’s reputation or developed a new one (page 49). Therefore, my question also is: do your new reputation replace the old one?

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  1. We played it that you can have more than one reputation, provided that you maintain them all by your actions.

    E.g., our smugglers specialized in transporting ghosts and other weird crap, so we started off Strange, but during our first score we really bloodied the Red Sashes’ noses, so we picked up Brutal too. We kept Strange because we still cavort with spirits, but other crews saw us as ruthless.

    We figured if we dropped either aspect, by switching our focus to more mundane cargo and clients, or negotiating with our enemies instead of wiping them out, we would lose the respective reputation, and trying to maintain like three or four reputations would be stretching it. Basically if we could boil our blended reputation into a word or two, it seemed to work (the new reputation you develop doesn’t have to be one on the list, so dropping your old reputation in favor of a new one with hybridized wording works well enough too).

    Mechanically it doesn’t really make a difference, but this seems like the right way from a fictional positioning approach.

  2. Thank you for your answers. 😉

    By now my interpretation was that a crew could have more than one reputation, for the reasons Christoph Sapinsky and James Etheridge explained in their comments.

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