Hey, everyone.

Hey, everyone.

Hey, everyone. I wanted to announce that I’m currently tightening up design on a new project I’m excited about: a resurrection of a custom Blades campaign setting I posted about here a year or so ago.

I’ve been busy refocusing the game on dramatic player drama and larger than life science fiction trappings for a game I’m calling Moth-Light.

Moth-Light is set in a post fall world inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn, Avatar (yes the James Cameron one), Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, Farscape, the Numenara RPG and more.

It’s got some major revisions to the standard Blades formula I’m excited about, including a focus on the power of promises and pacts, as well as the re-injection of some PbtA elements into the flavor of the game.

Over the next few months I’ll be working on fleshing out the rules book and lore and I should have more current rules previews soon.

This community, and that of the discord, have been valuable to me in developing the game and I’ve learned a lot from each of you.



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