(Cross-posted in the BitD MeWe group…)

(Cross-posted in the BitD MeWe group…)

(Cross-posted in the BitD MeWe group…)

I have a question specifically about Band of Blades (I have the 1.0 beta rules).

The rules say it needs 4-5 players (the GM plus 3 or 4 players). Is it possible to run with 6 players (GM + 5)? If so, what changes need to be made? I’d like to run a BoB campaign, but I have 5 other players and I can’t really ask a player to just sit out for the next campaign.

I can see that it would mean the Spymaster and the Lorekeeper Roles would both be used. Would that break things? Be too big of an advantage?

It would also mean more legionnaires on each mission (meaning more Stress that can be used, etc.).

NOTE: I haven’t run Blades in the Dark or any other Forged in the Dark games before, so my understanding is all based on reading the rules.

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  1. From a purely systematic perspective: It’s not designed for it. The extra, extra role will mess with things and all your counts of resources (from stress on the ground level, to extra supply and such on the meta level) will be off. If you run at a higher player count, you’re outside the guaranteed boundaries that we’ve tested and run numbers for.

    From a realistic perspective: That said, if you’re willing to keep things a little rough (make sure the deploys of the undead run with an extra elite) and you’re ok with the final score being a little off in favor of the players … I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun. I’ve done this at cons and it’s been ok. I’d love it if you let us know how it goes John Bogart and what you had to do to adjust.

    (BTW: we just got our first edit pass back so there might be updates to BoB coming in the next month or two).

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