Are there any thoughts on one-on-one gaming with BITD?

Are there any thoughts on one-on-one gaming with BITD?

Are there any thoughts on one-on-one gaming with BITD?

– Tough getting a group together, but my wife and I have gaming opportunities. Is it possible to play BITD this way? If so, what changes should I consider to the rules?

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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  1. It certainly would miss some of the teamwork aspects, but I see no reason why the game wouldn’t work with a lone wolf PC. I’ve often thought that that would make for a really fun campaign, especially if you went a sort of Dishonored, revenge story route with it

  2. I suppose the first thing I’d do is reduce stress costs across the board. 1 stress to push, 1 stress only for the most elaborate of flashbacks, zero otherwise.

    Change resistance rolls to: Crit – clear one stress; 6 – zero stress; 4-5 – take one stress, 1-3 – take two stress

    Make sure that the crew has at least one group of cohorts. Give an extra downtime activity and remove the roll for healing harm, just automatically downgrade everything by one step (two for a vigorous cutter).

    At least, that’d be about what my first experiment would look like.

  3. I know it’s not an answer to your blades question but you might want to check out – A Scoundrel in the Deep and if you like it pick up You and I (loads of two player games in a single book) – With Fire Thy Affections Hold A Wing (free on drivethru) also excellent. Totally agree with you on the gaming side – but there is a growing library of 2 player games out there.

  4. I have done this exact thing with my wife because she wanted to try GMing Blades, but wanted some practice before doing it for our whole group. I played two characters, which also gave me a chance to work on my character voice abilities. It honestly worked just fine as written. The only advice I would add is to put fewer obstacles between the PCs and their goals than I would with more players, since there is less stress to go around and only one player who needs the spotlight (2 really, since the GM wants to ham it up too).

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