Hi all — I really appreciate the feedback, thoughts and insight!

Hi all — I really appreciate the feedback, thoughts and insight!

Hi all — I really appreciate the feedback, thoughts and insight!

For my modern hack – Live Fast (formerly One Last Job), I decided to create some optional rules to allow for cyberpunk, urban fantasy, or fantasy cyberpunk settings. I posted the augmentation rules earlier. Here is a draft of my optional MAGIC SYSTEM. It needs feedback and playtesting! Although the fluff might not fit, I do think that the system has potential to fit in any setting where freeform (and fairly powerful) magic exists.

I really enjoy R.S. Belcher’s books, so this magic system is inspired by his “kitchen sink fantasy” worlds. It is individualistic and freeform. Each user defines how they acquire power and how their use of power manifests. They may base their practice on the esoteric beliefs of the Cult of Pythagoras or a modern interpretation of alchemy, or they can forge their own path by seeing economic patterns while daytrading. The cosmos really doesn’t care how you get your head around the shape of reality.

The mechanics include artificing (crafting) and theurgy that are quite similar to Blades in the Dark and a freeform ritual process (spellcasting) that simply uses a Magnitude table.

Power is gained by enacting their gnosis during downtime to open their mind to the universe or by converting Juice (stress). Gnosis is improved like a special ability. Power is spent using the Magnitude table to manifest and effect. Power can be stored in crafted Talismans and Users can even find a familiar companion.

I did include 13 example magical philosophies / orders to inspire a player to create their character’s unique Gnosis.

The “Price of Power” in this draft is probably too harsh (same as drawbacks in my Augmentation rules). I have an idea on how to fix it, but I want to do at least one playtest first.

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  1. Hi Eric! Thank you for sharing your hack! I plan to use Live Fast to create a spycraft/covert ops hack. I’ll be running it tomorrow night and in the next weeks. I can give you feedback after the first sessions, if that sounds interesting to you. Unfortunately, I have only been able to find the alpha version of Live Fast (when it was still called One Last Job; it only includes the basic rules & playbooks). Is there is an updated or at least a newer version of Live Fast (hopefully one that also includes the crewbooks)? May I please ask you to share it with me?

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