16 thoughts on “Opening Credits”

  1. Eli O’Sullivan Kurtz Yo, if you’re a fan of Storm Weather Shanty Choir, check out Valparaiso Men’s Chorus. Similar, but New Orleans second line instrumentation and a bit bawdier.

  2. About to start a Band of Blades campaign and I have been alternating between the Mad Max Fury Road score and the 2015 Macbeth’s soundtrack, while prepping.

  3. I think it should be something acoustic, bluesy or steam punkish.

    Motley Crue would probably fit better if the setting was in the 1980’s … (cold war kind of stuff).


    Arabesque – Nightwish

    To me it feels like this could fit if the game was set in the middle east.

    It’s practically begging for some kind of rooftop/camel chase sequence …

    youtube.com – Nightwish – Arabesque

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