11 thoughts on “Only one day to go before launch! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

  1. Video/Hangouts interviews with the folks you’ve been playtesting with, about what the game is like and how it’s tightened up over the course of playtesting.

  2. Considering my day tomorrow, a timeframe for the KS going up would be nice. Also, an art preview of more Duskwall stuff (map, landscape, or ghost) would be cool.

  3. J. Walton Yeah… that sounds cool. But, like, it needs to be something I actually have. Maybe I’ll do that someday, but not tonight. 🙂

    Jason Lutes Oh my yes. So many maps. The whole city, plus detail maps of each district, plus underground / sewer maps. They’re all in progress, but I could post a teaser.

    I’ll let you know an exact launch time as soon as I get it nailed down. Early in the day, I expect.

  4. Maybe some piece of background. One or two factions of Duskwall ?

    … or… background links between Blades and Ghost lines.

    or whatever !!!!??? damn I want to be tomorrow !!!! 😉

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