41 thoughts on “Pre-KS Sneak Peek: the Thieves crew sheet!”

  1. Looks Great John! Could you maybe let on to are other crew Choices available? I know you’ve mentioned Hawkers, Assassins before in the playtest hangouts, but others?

  2. Sure thing. The current set is:


    Breakers (extortionist thugs, kind of)





    And, if we hit the stretch goals:




    Spirit Wardens

    Rail Jacks

    PLUS, some others, which are part of playsets that James Stuart, Stras Acimovic, Chris Bennett and others are doing. It’s gonna be nuts!

  3. Rob Wieland Any of them can be. Take “affiliation” or “faith” as your vice, and spend your loot and efforts on helping the poor.

    Philip LaRose They’re the street patrol of the city watch. The meanest gang in Duskwall.

  4. I was just thinking about this last night actually! ^_^ I spent some time thinking of my favorite thieves and their gangs (like the Jhereg from Vlad Taltos would be Breakers, the Wire is Bluecoats vs Hawkers) and which character type all the characters would be.

  5. I would like to see (maybe as stretch goal) suggestions for running different PC crews against each other. A group of Bluecoats versus a group of Hawkers battling over a block. That might be a fun LongCon style game – Who Runs Duskwall?

  6. I love that Dowler, Laroze, and Amancio, some of my real-life contacts with the Seattle game scene, get shout-outs here as in-game contacts.

    I want all of those stretch goals!

  7. I have a thing I want to make for this, but also too many projects at present and not enough XP yet in terms of playing the actual game. It’s in my slow cooker, tho!

  8. Wow. This looks damned cool. Knowing very little about the game, love that I can already get a pretty good feel for the game just from these sheets. Love the idea of a crew sheet.!

  9. What do you guys think is on the Cult’s sheet? I have a feeling that when I get to run Blades, my players will flock to that group just to screw with me and my expectations.

  10. So if my players want to make a whisper who is more shaman than necromancer, it wouldn’t be out of place but it also wouldn’t really be supported in setting either? (I’m okay with this.)

    The thought did just occur to me of a Whisper who is more mad scientist and shoves ghosts into machines for SCIENCE! That would be fun.

  11. Yeah, George, the setting has certain details, but is there mostly to prompt you to come up with cool stuff. So you could definitely run with that.

  12. I’m considering a midnight EST stealth launch (see my post, above). Will that work for the Europeans?

    I’ll officially announce it tomorrow morning, but you’d all get a bit of a head start.

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