Testing continues, in addition to playbooks, the players get a sheet for their EMV (flying ambulance) and one for each patient.

Currently the play loop is GM rolls up a patient, a situation to extract them from, and their issue that caused them call the EMT’s in the first place.

Then we start the run at the last possible moment before things get interesting and proceed from there until the EMV makes it to the patient’s destination. (Usually, but not always a hospital.)

Then the players get a downtime actions at the HQ, and then another call.

I was trying out 2-way clocks, where failures fill them and doctoring actions erase them, but it’s potentially a stalemate maker, so I’ll probably go back to the medical emergency having one clock to kill the patient, and the doctors having another to patch it.

9 thoughts on “CRASHCART:”

  1. Love it. The patient sheets and clocks remind me of the frenetic losing battle of MASH’d patients.

    To avoid stalemates but still give the sense that the EMV only has limited capability to stall issues until better the equipped destination can more permanently solve problems, maybe the conditions fill boxes and the easier EMT efforts can temporarily freeze a condition’s progress, while only a more complicated EMT effort actually stops it’s progression. Then it’s not just fill vs erase, but players have to tactically decide between spending time on a temporary but maybe urgent measure vs a longer term solution.

    How much will players have to know about medical stuff to play? I love the BitD’s flashbacks allows me as a non-criminal to play a character that prepares and behaves far better than I would. Do the mechanics allow for characters to know and apply solutions without players needing to know any particulars?

  2. Adam Minnie That’s the reason for the cyberpunk theme, I hope to keep the patient’s troubles to a mix of contemporary simple medical troubles, leavened with a mix of genre future issues. Hopefully the average player will know the basics of each.

  3. I am very excited by your BitD hack. It’s making me take a second look at my own cyberpunk hack and seeing if I can’t make it more focused the way yours is. Such a good idea. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. So this is a minor matter, but I really like your paper texture and typeface here. I’d be interested in hearing what they are/where you got them. I really like the low-tech cyber look you’ve got going.

  5. Lari Assmuth The header font is Exan and the body is Ebrima.

    The texture is a photoshopped mix of qr codes and scan boxes laid over a jpg. of “coffee stained paper” set to low opacity.

    The goal was a well-used future, so I’m glad it seems to have worked!

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