7 thoughts on “Have to say: I will miss you, friendly people of g+.”

  1. April is the official end date now. When in April? I don’t think even Google knows. API’s will start breaking at the end of January, so if you want to get your data out then I’d get moving. I used Google+ Exporter from Friends+ Me. Google has native tools for extracting your G+ data as well.

    There are several communities for assisting G+ refugees. G+ Escape Rocket and G+ Mass Migration off the top of my head.

    MeWe is adding features quickly at least. They are basically cribbing off of G+’s features. Can’t remember what the timeline is like. I’m set up over there.

    Pluspora is a Diaspora pod for G+ refugees, I’m on there as well.

    I’ll start posting signal flares soon if anyone wants to find me on the flip side.

    Edit: DYAC typos, and link to G+ Exporter I used:


  2. From what I’ve overheard, Google hasn’t been very helpful. There are some posts in the Gexodus communities about steps community admins have taken to try and archive or migrate communities. Not sure what success or results have been achieved.

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