Silk and Silver is the first novel set in Doskvol.

Silk and Silver is the first novel set in Doskvol.

Silk and Silver is the first novel set in Doskvol. A raid on the Grinders gets greedy and goes sideways, splitting the River Stallions crew. Can Saint, their leader, forestall a gang war with the Skovs? How far will he go to protect his crew?

This novel unpacks how Blades in the Dark looks from a fictional perspective, echoing the rules and inviting you in as a tourist with a front-row seat for skullduggery in Silkshore.

“I built the anvil and stoked the fire, but Andrew has drafted and forged his own blade here, and it is a keen one.” – John Harper, creator of Blades in the Dark.

You can get it today in paperback or hardcover, and there are Lulu coupons: LKAB317CD for 15% off and ONESHIP for free ground shipping. They stack together!

Mirror and Bone is the second novel, and its first draft is completed and available to my patrons. This month, I’ll start the third novel. So, this is a great time and a great way to slip into the shadows and see some rogues at work.

11 thoughts on “Silk and Silver is the first novel set in Doskvol.”

  1. Yes! Silk and Silver is fantastic! I recommend it where I can on those “first time GM, have any advice?” threads. It’s a really evocative view of how Duskwall could be presented in detail and nitty-gritty.

    Ordered and thrilled to line it up with my BitD book

  2. Thanks to both of you for taking a look, and for promoting the book in other places! I really appreciate it.

    Another way Silk and Silver lines up with Blades in the Dark is size; they look nice on a shelf together.

  3. I’ve got an ebook version, but something about the formatting was causing trouble with Lulu’s uploader, so I have a graphic designer working on fixing the problem. As soon as it’s fixed, that format will also be available.

  4. I’m so thrilled to see this complete and out in the world. It’s so good!

    KS backers who added the novel will get the ePub version as soon as the kinks are worked out.

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