Scum and Villainy

Scum and Villainy

Scum and Villainy

One of my players has chosen the pilot playbook, and we can’t figure out what’s going on with the urbot special item. It’s in italics which means it doesn’t count against load, but also it had two boxes indicating it costs 2 load. (The rules text also lists 2 load).

I was also hoping for some clarification on abilities triggered with push yourself. Do they all also provide the normal benefit of +1d or effect, or is that reserved for ones that specifically mention it.

Thanks for the help, very excited to run a job next week.

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  1. A small urbot is literally a little urbot that hangs out with you and helps you around the ship (like R2 for Luke)! It doesn’t count for load because it can presumably move around on its own, but if you have to pick it up and carry it (say if it gets hit during a skirmish or fried while it tries to help you hack) then it’s about the size of something you can hold in two hands.

    As to the second it’s explained under every push power in italics in the book (see page 76 for unstoppable, or fixed on 71)—the short answer is yes.

    Good luck on that job! ^_^

  2. Stras Acimovic Thank you for the help. I appreciate you making yourself available for little questions like this :D. I should have specified, I’m looking at ‘I’m a doctor, not a…” (page 106) which does not have that call out, at least in the version I have.

  3. Stras Acimovic Sorry Stras just seeking a little clarification on the second question. Not all of the push powers mention getting the extra die / effect. So do you only get that for the ones that specifically mention it or is it across the board?

  4. So I went and looked this up. You’re right! Funny story… that one said “spend 2 stress” same as the similar power in Blades. Our editor standardized it all to pushes (I’m guessing to keep things simple) so the language changed but the rule doesn’t add extra dice (because you’ll get 2-3 on average more, more often than not, so you shouldn’t get an extra one), because it’s not supposed to.

    The intent wasn’t to add extra dice. However, it’s also kind of silly to have some push powers have this and some not and have to remember which is which.

    The advice I can give you is: make a ruling for your table and stick with it.

    We didn’t intend the extra die, but while the extra die would take a good power and make it more than good, it shouldn’t break your game either way (you’ll just get a few more 6’s from the doc now and again). Either way you run it should be fine.

    If you stick to the language in the book you’ll be in the clear, but sorry about the confusion. Have to tripple check post-edited powers for our next game >_> to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

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