Hey, do y’all have any interesting “weird” vices?

Hey, do y’all have any interesting “weird” vices?

Hey, do y’all have any interesting “weird” vices? The Leech in my group overindulged with the hooded proprietor of the sunken grotto, and asked if I could give him any ideas for a new vice purveyor before our next session. Busy life stuff has kept me away from my GM workbench lately so I figured I should try and outsource my brainstorming. Any thoughts?

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  1. I had a Cutter whose Weird vice was Sword Enthusiast. So she was part of a subculture that collects swords and argues about forging and sharpening techniques and have a lot of accessories and obscure supplies around maintaining them. For overindulging, well, when two sword enthusiasts have a heated argument, there’s an obvious way to resolve it…

  2. Our Whisper indulges with Ojak, the Tycherosi roof-top market vendor. They buy spirit essence from him, dissolve them in electroplasm and bathing in the resulting liquid. Thus they live vicarious experiences through absorbed ghost memories.

  3. I did a variation of then she fell it’s a play in new York that you interact with the actors on their set , of course being duskvol ghosts were part of the play and gosts would wander in thru tricks of light you couldn’t always tell who was a ghost and who wasn’t

  4. I have a Rakshasa (from the Iruvian alternative playbooks). His vice is voyeurism. He has one family upon which he spies. This bit of vicarious normalcy is generally enough to ground him, since, as a Rakshasa, he’s bordering on the monstrous.

  5. I had a character whose vice was other people’s memories, either through vials of distilled memories or through ritually eating the brains of the dead. Useful memories were only dealt with through downtime actions or play, but non-useful memories were vices.

    Another player’s character spent all his time taking care of the widow of his former partner from when he was a bluecoat, making sure she did not fall deeper into poverty.

  6. Had a player whose vice was being possessed by ghosts. Ghosts are normally totally unable to control their emotions, and the character was a control freak, so possession allowed the character to feel things while also denying the feelings were theirs.

    Later on they moved to a temporary Hollowing procedure wherein their soul was stripped from their still-living body for a couple minutes and their ghost screamed and gibbered in a electroplasmically charged cage. Their witch-friend came to watch and chat with the madam.

  7. I had a character who was a shipwreck survivor from a leviathan hunter ship. Their weird vice was with someone at the docks who would put people in diving bells out in the black sea so they could listen to the songs of Leviathans.

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