12 thoughts on “So I guess it’s off to Discord, eh! What with the recent announcement about G+ and all..”

  1. Yeah, but how different is it really? basic functionality is there. And the user base could be there.. but I guess with no good way for long form discussion though, it is kind of silly to think Discord.

    Besides, isn’t what we need a forum (read as: place suitable for longer discussions)? not necessarily a social network tied to one

    And so.. what then: Facebook?

  2. David P you’re right, MeWe seems a cool social network but I don’t feel comfortable supporting such people behind it (I’ve just read about its creator). I’ll think about it…

  3. I guess is a bit to early to leave G+. Also, choosing destiny just 24h after the anouncement seems like everyone is in panic.

    We have 10 months till G+ closes. Time for changes of minds, new webs from google to appear, or enough time to choose new web without hurries.

  4. Mark Cleveland Massengale Anything but Facebook. Discord (and Slack, and Mastodon) scroll too fast for me. It’s hard to keep up with conversations because it’s real time.

    There remain 10 months here- there’s no rush to migrate (though it appears that others have). There’s at least one more option on the horizon (open-book.org), and I think others will become apparent, and communities that wait can see as others test the waters, and see the pros and cons of them all.

  5. Discord Channels could replicate G+ community categories well enough, but (related to the “it moves too fast” argument) it’s a lot harder to search for specific posts and conversations.

    I’ve seen people make a call to decentralize by starting up blog networks a la the 2000s, but that’s a very different flavor of community.

  6. Chuck Dee

    Its just like the 90s .com rush

    People are just grabbing group names/accounts before it’s too late and they are stuck with something weird or unintuitive.

    Nobody actually expects a true migration until G+ shuts down for real in 10 months.

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