7 thoughts on “Intro for my first campaign as a DM!!! What do you all think? Intriguing? Enticing?”

  1. Antimatter I am unsure about when they show up/what the crows mean in the sense that I don’t know if they bring spirit wardens or what. Do you have tips or more info on them? I may have just glazed over their section in the book tbh.

  2. The crows make tighter and tighter circles around a corpse until the spirit wardens can easily find it and deal with the ghost before it leaves the body. And don’t forget that the bells toll out when someone dies either.

  3. Yeah when someone dies the bell-tower rings, only people wearing Spirit Warden Masks and people who witnessed the death can hear it. Deathseeker crows fly out from the tower and begin circling the area of the death, tightening slowly until the Spirit Wardens can find the body. The body is then taken to Bellweather Crematorium and burned in electroplasm.

    A body that isn’t found has its ghost rise in 3 days time

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