I am recruiting for GANGS OF DOSKVOL!

I am recruiting for GANGS OF DOSKVOL!

I am recruiting for GANGS OF DOSKVOL!

System: Blades in the Dark, played in a West Marches-like way

Platform: Using Discord voice chat, with Roll20 for visuals, music, dice-rolling and character sheets

Time/zone: UTC+1 (Central Europe), available Thursday/Friday evening and on weekends (this may expand if other GMs wish to collaborate and join me)

Experience: Complete newbies to BitD are fine!

Homebrew: Some homebrew has been pre-approved. For now, please stick to the pre-approved list and official content.

I’m currently looking to have at least 3 Crews with at least 4 player characters per Crew. Each Crew being a different type, each Crew having a crew leader and vice-leader, each Crew having no more than one character per playbook and characters (outside of crew leaders and vice-leaders) having the option of being part of 2 Crews (thus enabling them to pop into different sessions for different Crews).

The play format is West Marches-like. What this means is that each session will be scheduled individually according to the schedules and desires of the players of the different Crews (likely coming down to once a week or every two weeks per Crew). As long as there’s 3-4 players available for a session (and the GM, of course), we’ll play. This means each heist will be somewhat episodic in set-up.

For those who desire personal plot for their characters, we’ll work that into the heists and sessions as best as possible (because I love personal plot and working that in for you!). Because of the play format, plot and advancements will end up focusing a lot on the Crews, so I’m looking for team players.

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  1. Good luck! I ran a big blades game for 6 months and it was really fun. I did the crazy thing of just playing 3-4 sessions a week with the different crews. The game was alot but the feedback from the players was great. Definitely encourage your players to write about the session. We had a news paper and I would give players xp for writing articles. Kept everyone in the loop. The one thing I wish I could have done better was interaction between crews.

  2. Evan Buchholz Thanks! Yeah, I’m planning to encourage writing journals (that’s what I also did with a Masks West Marches that is still going with 3 other GMs). How did you run those games with different crews? Do you have any tips, big NO-NOs or helpful docs I could check out? 🙂

  3. Each session was dedicated to a different crew. I had players who were regularly wanting to play together reserve time slots. I did very let prep. 30 mins each week of just doing a little faction turn to see how the different factions react to the players. One thing that worked well was global clocks. For example I had a skolovan riot clock that everyone could see. Crews could increase it for their own means or decrease if that was thier agenda. It was great for showing the effects of the other crews. It was pretty easy doing the indirect interaction. Direct interaction never worked all that well due to time zones. I think what I would do in the future is let everyone know that if your not present in a session your crew will be represented by whatever tier they are. I think it would be an in opt in sort of thing. Because I could see how some people could feel bad having their hq destroyed while they were away.

  4. Daniel Chica Prevatt-goldstein it was really great! No we ended it about a year in a half ago. I am thinking about starting something much more sustainable and smaller scale with A Nocturne (weird transhumanism blades hack) once 0.9 comes out. If your interested in something like that, let me know and I’ll let you know when I get that game up and running.

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