Just finished my first Band of Blades session, and boy it was fun.

Just finished my first Band of Blades session, and boy it was fun.

Just finished my first Band of Blades session, and boy it was fun.

Panyar sniper, Orite scout and Orite officer went with The Horned one to get the black shot back from the dead. They started with a six in the engagement roll, so I gave them the opening shot – they found Victor and the Red Hook very much Not Arguing while guarding the supplies. My lovely players had the element of surprise, so, naturally, they went looking for wild predators.

You see, they took The Horned One’s ability to speak with wild beasts. So, while the sniper kept watch on the Not Arguing enemy, the two royal Orites with consort through the roof went into a wolf den.

The officer channeled some really good meat, and after the wolfs got thoroughly spooked by the pair of TALKING HUMANS, the specialists convinced the pack Alpha to help them drive the dead of the wolf’s territory. of five wolf, two would survive the ensuing battle.

The battle started with both the sniper and the scout trying to get rid of Victor, as the wolfs told them he can set shit on fire really fucking well. The scout’s roll was controlled, and with help from the chosen her arrow seriously fucked with the good doctor, but than, with inhuman speed, Victor drew a bottle of special alchemist fire that was going to burn half the squad to death (as he is Threat 4)…

and the sniper got a six

from that point on, Victor coudn’t do much beside trying to not get killed by the chosen, which left the squad and their wolf allies to deal with a bunch of rotters and The Red Hook. The officer rolled for the rookies and wolf, and got nothing better than 3. So, the modified abomination ram into their formation like a train, killing the Alpha and two rookies, and breaking half the officers bones.

That is, it WOULD have done it if the scout wouldn’t have attack-on-titen–styled-prowess-resisted it and saved a bunch of rookies.

At this point the sniper got rid of one the the thing’s heads, and the officer channeled some really nasty acid for the scout, who is now standing on the fucking thing and trying to shove the acid into its remaining head.

me: sure you can do it, but it’s desperate, and if you get less than 6 you are immediately die


gets a six

finish the clock

shove the acid into Red Hook’s head

jump of the monster without a scratch while it very much dies

meanwhile, Victor tries to GTFO while the Horned one tries to get him dead. The sniper starts to get surrounded by rotters while Victor drinks some potion and start to run away like the wind. I offer a controlled roll to get away from the rotters, or desperate one to off Victor.

guess which one he took

So, while he aim to the running Doc, the zombies closing in, he mumbles “help me here, horned one” praying in an earshot from the incarnation of the god. I offer him to create a 4 clock with 3 segments filled, titled “horns of the lord”, and get a die. one more segment, and he lose the ability to speak to anyone BUT wild animals.

he take it, roll a six, and Victor is dead.

Infamous and Lieutenant down, Blighter is gonna be PISSED.

4 thoughts on “Just finished my first Band of Blades session, and boy it was fun.”

  1. I just want you to know. This is why I write games.

    This reads like the dark military fantasy tv show I want to watch.

    Is the scout going to become mute, speaking only like an animal? What kind of special revenge is Blighter going to make for next episode (will she poison someone important? disease Legion food making them have to get supplies quickly? Make a special undead abomination just to show them exactly how happy she is with them?). I’m excited to find out.

    Love it ^_^ Great to hear folks playing this (and may have some small updates for folks soon)!

  2. Say,Stras Acimovic how many squads the Legion have in the start of the game? full six?if so, how am I suppose to handle missions that grant them extra recruits?

  3. Full six at the moment (we might tweak that). We expect them to lose some rookies early on.

    If they’re full up, give them the missions, and explain why they’re important. Perhaps they can convert those people to some laborers, or they can let them loose as a squad to harass the undead who might show up later to help. This is on the Quartermaster usually to figure out what to do with the resources (a small clock or an action might be involved).

    If the prize on a mission isn’t too lucrative it’s ok. The missions sometimes don’t come up great and perfect. Part of being the commander is just figuring out what you can get (sometimes you get lucky and the choice is easier).

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