Hi all!

Hi all!

Hi all! So a while ago I experimented with fun wax-sealed envelopes, even though I used regular candle wax In order to forward the story. Soon I will be a DM and I had a super cool idea you are all welcome to use if it suits your fancy. At the beginning of a session after a full score has been completed, rather than telling your PCs what new options are available to them through different gangs, why not have a job offer or a lead from gangs each in their own envelope? At the beginning of the session you set the envelopes out on the table and they get to decide which one they pick for that session. It is up to you whether or not you reveal which gang sent which envelope. I thought it would be fun and now I have real sealing wax so I am super pumped! Enjoy!

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  1. Fantastic idea! Could also introduce some great tension in the crew if a character wants to open them all. Perhaps it is considered a common courtesy, even among scoundrels, that you don’t break a seal unless you intend to honor the deal inside.

  2. It potentially kills some player agency though. In the RAW freeflow style, players can (and should on the long term) create their own missions based on interest. Accepting jobs – at least in my group – is something for the first few sessions…

  3. EinBein13 Players can always ignore jobs. Same for any rumors they hear, nobody is putting a gun to their head and making them take action on any of them. It seems perfectly normal that other factions would be looking for a competent crew to do dirty work for them.

  4. I would really deliver this AFTER a score.

    «We have watched your endevours with interest, and we, the non-disclosed party want to aquire a certain artefact you’ve recently procured.

    «Please come to the office of Barristers Burke & Hare & Sinistro, at Commander Street 32a, Brightstone.»

  5. Michael Esperum I love that! The more favored they are with a faction the more opportunities they get from that same faction. They wouldn’t have strict time limits and would be good for time-sensitive sessions or if the crew needed some coin.

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