Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the isles pt.5

Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the isles pt.5

Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the isles pt.5

There are weirder things out there upon the waves than mountainous, crumbling skulls of dead titans.

But not many.

Leave them be my friend, they are blasted, withered places. Fit only for ghosts and scuttling carrion insects.


6 thoughts on “Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the isles pt.5”

  1. My word. Better all the time.

    The flavor packed into such a small space! Unhatched ideas, angler-fish humanoid army? Baby titan? Goodness sakes these clocks are ripe for many revisits.

  2. I love the look of clocks on this one. My only suggestion would be to leave some more space between sections of text, let it breathe a little bit more. But the overall choice of colors and artwork are nailing it!

  3. Adam Minnie In my own Blades & PBTA home games, clocks are more and more becoming the go-to for soft-move penalties. You got a partial success and I don’t have an immediate complication? Let’s create a clock that says “You gain the attention of extradimensional horrors” and we’ll figure out what that means when by the time it fills.

    If D&D is 70’s rock, then Blades is the freeform hip-hop battle of rpg’s.

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