Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the islands, pt.4

Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the islands, pt.4

Typhoon Atolls: a guide to the islands, pt.4

In these guides, the focus tends to be more on the feel of the islands, their creatures and the politics of the Spirits for a couple of reasons.

First, and most importantly, I’m trying, and perhaps not always succeeding, to avoid being drawn into one specific real-world mythology, and all of the attendant controversy that could surround cultural appropriation. That is not what this should be about! Island life would necessitate certain types of building or transport, but it’s important for this to also be about the weirdness of the world, and how alien it would all feel to its first explorers.

Secondly, and connected, the culture of your humans should be flexible and entirely built by your players! In our play test games we’ve had Pellikoi change gender identities over the ages both through magic and through later generations picking up a different gender’s mask and making ti their own. We’ve had peoples go from warlike to peaceable and back again.

So I focus on describing appearances and hope that your people and heroes find a good playground within.


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