13 thoughts on “Are there any good detailed examples on running combat in BitD?”

  1. You have the Blades campaign on itmeJP run by John Harper himself which contains several battles. If you don’t care about the story (which is really amazing) at all and just want to get to an example, episode 19 has a pretty detailed one.

    I should also say that, although John is an amazing GM, you should not take his particular style of running combats as the only correct one. Blades is made to tailor it to your taste: more/less detailed, gory, realistic, etc.

    youtube.com – RollPlay: Blades – YouTube

  2. Hijos Del Rol Also worth noting that John himself runs battles very differently in the Bloodletters campaign. The way he ran Rollplay: Blades was tuned to the group and audience.

  3. They’re more organized and slower-paced. John uses a lot more clocks in Bloodletters and is much less likely to wrap up a big battle in one or two rolls.

  4. Hijos Del Rol, I’m having a hard time finding “episode 19”. RollPlay: Blades seems to be organized into weeks and parts… Would you be so kind as to stretch out a hand, buddy?

  5. Adam Bloom, would you be kind enough to share a link to one of those slower paced conflicts in Bloodletters in which John uses clocks. I would be immensely grateful to you.

  6. I’ve been working my way through the Bloodletters. The big combat episodes are #4, #9, #14 (as far as I’ve gotten). Keep in mind that these are playtests and the rules may differ compared to the final version. But they are great examples of combat style for Blades.

    YouTube playlist here: Blades in the Dark (Let’s Play, Tabletop): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQQW3Ew6DKsN0-Iv7n7144RbqKKRneqHH

    youtube.com – Blades in the Dark (Let’s Play, Tabletop) – YouTube

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