BitD: Ghost Echoes update.

BitD: Ghost Echoes update.

BitD: Ghost Echoes update.

It’s been a fun arc, but I decided Friday night’s game would be our penultimate.

The crew had managed to get on the good side of The Veil’s patron, a Tycherosi lovingly referred to by one crew member as “New Boots” (they have a serpentine disposition) after a brief spat with The Bill Hooks that sent our Whisper, Seb, to prison for half a year (they agreed to take the fall for a crime committed by the Red Sashes as part of a deal).

Our Leach, Helena, finished her Ghost Echo transportation device but wound up shunting herself far to the north, only to be rescued by a Tycherosi sheep farmer on a forgotten winter isle. Her journey home would be a long one.

And our Slide, Will, found themselves without a day job, having inadvertently meddled in the business of their own Brothell.

But things turned around quickly.

In one heist, they accepted a job from their ghostly patron, Amoncio, to steal documents from a nobles manor.

In another, they pulled off a daring plan to hijack an entire carriage full of raw Leviathan blood using zeppelin power.

And just before the score of the day, they’d accepted a request to sabotage a Halloween themed Sparkright expo, thus thwarting the unveiling of a ghost powered electroplasmic siphon.

So standards were pretty high.

Little did we know, by the end of this score, we’d be betrayed by our patron.

Little did we know, we’d find ourselves working with the Lamp Blacks against our better interest.

Little did we know we’d be commissioned to STEAL AN ENTIRE TRAIN CAR and succeed (with the power of WEIRD SCIENCE!).

And little did we know that we’d be looking forward to a final episode centered around the marriage of our now-material matron and one of the crews most painful spurs.

It’s been a lot of fun.

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