I did a thing!

I did a thing!

I did a thing!


Didn’t get to playtest it yet, tho. English is not my first language, so corrections are welcomed.

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  1. This is really cool! Thanks for sharing. The changes w/ stress and a few other bits are intriguing. Ramping it up into a full blades game after 6 advances is also neat!

  2. Renaud van Strydonck , besides me getting cocky about going full circle with World of Blades:

    I’m used to GM on a roleplaying club and had a rough time trying to bring BitD to either inexperienced/casual players (specially with crew and character creation taking a surprisingly long time, which is weird because for me it seems really streamlined) or improvise a quick one-shot. It’s an oversimplification of the game (very much like World of Dungeons may be a simpler version of Dungeon World).

    I also had a good experience running a large (8 to 12 rotating players) Stars Without Number campaign where we used the awesome character sheets John Harper designed: first-timers would use the abridged version of the character sheet and generate a character on the rush with a random generator. If the characters either survived the harshness of deep space or the player didnโ€™t dropped out of the game they would be part of the crew of the ship and use the larger, more complex version of the character sheet.

    As I see it I would use WoB to GM scoundrels at the end of their โ€œbackgroundโ€ stage right before getting a lair and starting an actual Tier 0 crew. This way we can play through character creation and start adding mechanics as the players get familiar with the basic dynamics. After a couple sessions we would probably convert the characters to BitD, create the crew and get into full Blades. Or have a reduced version to run an awesome, rushed score inside Doskvol on the go.

    Zero Doble, we sure do!

  3. Duamn Figueroa thanks for such a badass reply!

    I’de never run into John’s World of Dungeons before, so that may have been the reference I was missing.

    Just did a little reading on it and it looks gorgeously simple, thanks.

    I have to admit both crews I’ve run so far took a remarkable amount of time to build up some steam, and I do think a lot of it was probably down to getting into the swing of the ruleset (to be fair, I’m still getting into the swing of the ruleset).

    The WoB rules seem like an awesome solution to the problem. Have you tried them out already? How did it work out?

  4. Dylan Green, one problem I encountered when GMing was introducing resistance rolls. Players forget they could avoid consequences and what their attributes were time and again. I tried to streamline the process to introduce the concept of resistance and make it easier to explain later on.

    Also since I changed how die pools work to simplify character creation, I thought that trying to explain attribute and resistance rolls would take too much space, and simplifying stress gave me an opportunity to distinguish position without going to full consequence description.

  5. I ran this this morning at GoPlayNW and it went really well! Very streamlined character creation (maybe 30 minutes of explanation and picking choices before starting up the premise of a score). There’s a few typos in the rules sheet, but the only thing that really tripped me up (but i just turned into a fortune roll) would be a list of factors for an engagement roll to start off a score. I’m also not 100% sure if/how trauma works at this level, but no one received any so it didn’t matter.

    ((The crew (whisper/lurk/slide/cutter) had to plant a bag of mysterious milk gloop (leviathon embryonic material) in the Lampblacks HQ for the Red Sashes — they succeeded!))

    Thanks for making and sharing this!

  6. I was the Cutter, and it was sweet. Thanks for making this! As a longtime WoD player and a devotee of the cult of the Blade, this proved a marvelous crossover. Well done!

  7. Thank you Blake! World of Dungeon has always been my lifesaver game for improvised sessions, so it’s very close to my heart.

    A question: do you remember how many XP points did your character got in total?

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