The Porcelain Dolls: Session 65 (May 10 2017)

The Porcelain Dolls: Session 65 (May 10 2017)

The Porcelain Dolls: Session 65 (May 10 2017)

The next night, Moira talks to Shade about helping to find Nyryx, explaining the situation. Shade has had dealings with the Dimmer Sisters before, so he may be able to talk this one out.

Shade finds Kamali in her room reading, and recruits her for the mission. On the way out of the factory, they run into Kobb, and convince him that he should go with them as well.

They take the carriage into Silkshore, and arrive at an antiques shop that belongs to Roslyn Kellis, who caught Kamali trying to rob the place some time ago. She slips off the carriage and disappears into the shadows, and Kobb stays with the cart, while Shade and Moira head inside.

Shade speaks to Roslyn, who speaks to the Sisters by some unknown means in the back room. She says that the sisters don’t have Nyryx, but they might have information on where he is, and offers to set up a meeting at Dimmer Manor in Brightstone. Shade is wary of accepting such an offer, as he is very conscious of all the stories he’s heard about people going into the house and never coming out, and they agree to a compromise: tea in the garden. She says she’ll contact him with a date and time. Shade buys a few knickknacks, and Moira buys a very elegant deck of handpainted Severosi divination cards.

Kamali visits Darmot just as he is about to sit down to eat. She shows him her notes, and she peruses his. He’s been stationed in Dunslough, keeping an eye on the refugees. His higher ups are still worried about Wulfric the Slayer, and she assures him that Wulfric’s job is finished. He asks how she can be sure, and she indicates that she is, in fact, Wulfric. She takes her leave, and gets back to the carriage just as Shade and Moira are exiting the shop. They head back to Crow’s Foot.

Shade brings them to the alley to see the spirit well. After seeing Shade disappear through the illusory wall, they are all able to attune and pass through it (even Kobb, though he only narrowly avoids smacking into the opposite wall as he charges through at speed). Shade explains that Jezelle had developed an addiction to the energy of the well.

Kobb attempts to enter the spirit well. It does not go well (no pun intended). He ends up with frost burns, but also, the last knuckle of his left pinky has gone missing. Not cut off, just… missing. It doesn’t hurt, but he’s disturbed by the occurrence nonetheless.

Kamali and Moira head to Coalridge. There they speak to Theodore, a homeless man that Nyryx possesses, who hangs out in the old railyard. He is very worried about Nyryx, who communicates with him via letters.

Kobb goes to visit the brothel where normally sees Nyryx. There he meets Katie, the woman that Nyryx normally possesses, for the first time. She does her best to answer all his questions, and then suggests that since her time costs the same either way, he might as well enjoy himself.


We learn more about Nyryx, the nicest ghost you’ll ever meet.