BitD: Ghost Echoes

BitD: Ghost Echoes

BitD: Ghost Echoes

Games 4 & 5: The Devil’s Shadow

Those who prey on the rich walk a tight rope.

The harsh gazes, the backbiting, the gossip, the pride. Everything detestable about the upper crust one must also swallow, reflecting back a facade recognizable to those used to comfort and leisure.

But it is also intoxicating.

It is said that to imitate is to understand. Though shallow, the shadow of nobility is fraught with shattered pride. Obligation. Duty. These traits, each, one may find digestible. Do we loathe our betters or do we envy them. The former is comfortable, but sour. The latter is hopeful, but bitter. The two together … that is sweet, but also poison. A pill for the prideful sneak.

Setara would have us brew that poison and walk in the Devil’s Shadow.

A fitting name for our crew, no?

A covetous ghost and an ambitious demon outcast, which will be our patron? With each successful burglary the alliance of The Devil’s Shadow grows closer to a crisis of loyalty. Will they come together as a family of thieves or as tools in the spider’s arsenal?

A barkeep, a half feral ghost, and a gaggle of Ink Rake criers have fallen under their wing, but so have a host of enemies. A Comber whelp, a vampire’s servant, and a shadowy organization known of the Circle of Flame.

The Weird and the Worldly echo our Shadow’s actions.

Which will be louder?