Blades in the Dark Special Edition cover art

Blades in the Dark Special Edition cover art

Blades in the Dark Special Edition cover art

It won’t be on retail shelves, so it doesn’t need a title or back cover copy or anything. Figured I might as well do something crazy while I can. 🙂

We plan to do a spot-gloss on the blades, matte finish for the rest of the cover.

45 thoughts on “Blades in the Dark Special Edition cover art”

  1. Looked at it at an angle, saw only the tips of the blades.

    “Oh that is pretty ni-“

    Turned my phone and saw the handles pop out from the black.

    “Holy shit!”

  2. I could tell what you were going for even on a bad monitor, but it REALLY shines on my phone, with maxed brightness, in a dark room. I hope the printer can pull THAT off, because I stand by my original “hnnnnnnggg”

  3. Thanks, everyone! I’m glad you like it. I’ll get a proof from the printer, so I can make sure the contrast is good enough to make out the black blades against the dark background.

  4. Ben Liepis I am so putting a clockwork death beaver in a game. Hmm. I’m kicking off a Smallville series soon. I sense a supervillain who does things with clockwork in my future.

  5. David Dorward , I mentioned that because only the orange tips were visible on my tablet at the time (it wasn’t a knock on the art at all) and “clockwork beaver” popped into my head. I’m happy to have inspired super villainy! 🙂

  6. Blake Hutchins​ Ben Liepis​ exactly what I meant, but my way is confusing because of its multiple meanings in English. And therefore is more correct and better. :]

  7. I cry myself to sleep every night because I missed out on the special edition cover. Quietly though so my retail edition can’t hear me.

    Had a friend pick up a special edition for me at Gen Con. Soon my pain will be soothed.

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