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  1. Yep! Definitely made the right choice in which edition to get. Can’t wait.

    Question though;

    How is the special edition content integrated into the kit? Is it part of the book or separate? If it’s part of the book, is it collected together or distributed throughout?

  2. Sebastián Ruiz Romo, it depends on how you purchased Blades.

    If you were a Kickstarter backer, then when you filled out your BackerKit survey if you were a Hardcase or backer or higher you’ll automatically get a Special Edition. If you backed it at a lower level, you can add one for $50.

    If you weren’t a Kickstarter backer, you can go to https://bladesinthedark.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders and add a special edition copy (also for $50) there.

  3. 2002


    I found an old file of RPG setting ideas the other day. Here are some notes from one of them:

    U’Duasha: A massive black city of minarets lit by a lake of fire.

    The Halim — flying magicians on magic carpets

    The Sualim — Giants with bronze skin

    The Goalim — Wrapped from head to toe in black gauze and bound with silver wire

    The Jalim — soul-less ones who wander below

    The I’Yalim — bearers of the blade

    The Rayalim — the priesthood of Raya, the god of Suffering

    Technology: Bound demons. Most everything runs on the power of bound demons. The more powerful the “tech” the nastier the demon. Magic: Enchanters bind demons into things. Magicians memorize incantations that force demons to appear and do their bidding. Demons are called Sithani.

  4. John Harper The truth is John’s buried the Harpernomicon at the bottom of a well built as an altar to the Empty Vessel.

    Coincidentally, Netflix found the Harpernomicon and tortured some writers’ minds into writing Stranger Things.

  5. I guess I’ll just start romancing some lovely people so I can buy my child a 13th birthday gift that I had been prophesying about for their entire life. 🙂

  6. My PCs are currently dealing with a cult to the One Within Many who are slowly swallowing up the underworld. His avatar, Hollow Heart, entered Duskwall through a portal and through that portal they saw a pain orgy being orchestrated by men bound in barbed wire. Sounds like the Goalim, and looks like I’ve found the home for this big bad.

  7. Oh man, this looks just so so amazing. Can’t wait. Will all of the 20 pages of added content in the special edition be the U’duasha stuff, or will there be other things in there (to be disclosed at designer’s discretion, obviously) as well?

  8. Hi Scott Macmillan, there are no plans to release it at the present. We may release a compendium of cities later, but that would have to wait for us to complete the other city locations.

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