17 thoughts on “This community is so wonderful, I can’t even say. Thank you all so much.”

  1. The game is gorgeous, the waiting was totally worth it (and in good company), and there is still plenty to come from the various hacks.

    Nicely done John Harper, me and my players thanks you dearly ^__^

    clap, clap, clap


  2. It’s been an amazing amount of fun to play so far and I am very excited with the final edition. Reminds me of watching the first episode of the bloodletters and how different the game was then (‘murder’, anyone?)

  3. Thank you and congratulations, John!! The game is amazing and I eagerly await all the hacks and conversions as well, not to mention whatever you get up to next!! 🙂

  4. Thank you! I think this is the game I’ve been looking for for a long time. Congratulations. You’ve done something really, really awesome.

    After creating so many awesome “small” games (I hope that doesn’t come across as disparaging), I hope you’re really enjoying creating something really big.

  5. John, congrats and thanks for everything! I’ve been following since the start of the Bloodletters series, and this has been the most eagerly anticipated release I can remember. You’ve made something really, really cool here — can’t wait to sink my teeth into it with my regular group in the next couple weeks!

  6. Congrats on everything, John! Bought the hardcover special edition yesterday. Happy to support such a wonderful game, designer, and community! 🙂

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