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  1. Thank you John and everyone else who had a hand in Blades. I’ve been running it weekly since last February and it’s been a joy to see the game evolve and grow. How I play games has been irrevocably changed.

  2. Congratulations John. In addition to many games in Duskvol, I’ve been running my own hack for a while, and it’s the most rewarding GMing I’ve ever done. It wouldn’t be possible at all without your amazing game and your support of the community. Thank you!

  3. My reaction when I see 336 pages and no bookmarks, hyperlinks or PDF-accurate page number references: https://youtu.be/ILwZuO8fWpM?t=5s

    Nice to see an in depth index and table of contents, but when you have to do math to figure out what the real page numbers are, I’ve gotta say the structural side of the PDF is a bit behind the curve.

    I’m sure the print version will be very handsome indeed, though.

    Edit: and I see after a bit of reading that bookmarks and hyperlinks are coming in the next update. Nice!

  4. What a piece of work ! Real nice job here, by the whole team.

    A question though : in backerkit, what is the difference between “Distribution II” and “Distribution III” ? Files seems to be of the exact same size.

  5. I pre-ordered on BackerKit almost instantaneously as I’m 12 sessions into my Blades game now and having a ton of fun, but I do feel like I should ask if there’s any discount offered to people who paid for the pre-release PDF on DriveThru?

  6. John Harper, this was asked already, but seems to have fell through the cracks: How long will the pre-order s and upgrades be available through Backerkit?

    Additionally, when do you expect the Kickstarter playsheets and additional materials to start hitting Drivethru (other than Scum & Villainy, of course)?

    Thank you and your Hawkers crew so much for this game.

  7. Brandon Perkins, we’ll have BackerKit open till end of February.

    John will be setting up the bladesinthedark site in February and will have links to all the stretch goal material that’s available (Blades Against Darkness, Vigilantes, Scum & Villainy, maybe by then Band of Blades, etc). But the dates those will be available are ultimately up to their creators.

    Joni Virolainen the site isn’t up yet but we’re working on that through February. For now there are lots of downloads here: evilhat.com – Blades in the Dark – Downloads

  8. Congratulations! The PDF looks awesome and I’m really excited.

    I second the request for linked TOC in the PDF. 300+ pages without a page index feels oddly 1990s…

  9. James English, I’ll go answer over there but here’s the skinny:

    All stretch goals by John that are in the book (like the Leech playbook) are available, well, in the book.

    All of the other stretch goals (created by John or otherwise) will be available from their creators to all, and once the blades site is set up, John will link to all of those that he can.

  10. Ah ok good to know. Its interesting to see things finally moving on fully. Looking at backerkit, its allready a huge success! It’s fascinating to witness the game spread and unfolding.

  11. If we get the special edition, are we supposed to get a special edition PDF with the extra stuff, or is that still being worked on and we’ll get the updated PDF when it’s ready?

  12. Sean Nittner I will use my backerkit account to buy between 5~10 Additional Standard Hardcover Books (I got my local friends hooked up on blades 😛 ) So I wonder as i didnt found out the shipping discount, if there is any discount possible? Its also a question raised recently on the Kickstarter Page. I beliefe germany has many gamers interested in Blades and if I can somehow help to make it easier, let me know.

  13. Hi Tien Spieleschmiede. Thanks for getting in touch. In the past we’ve done bulk shipping rates so this may be possible. I assume you’re looking for shipping to Germany? I’ll look into it and get back to you.

  14. Tien Spieleschmiede, I’ve investigated and here’s what I’ve found:

    Is in this case since Blades is being printed locally we’re shipping from the USA. That’s got the shipping rates pretty high, and USPS does not scale well — or rather, it doesn’t offer much of an economy of scale. So the shipping rate on 5-10 units wouldn’t be that far off from 5-10 times the individual cost.

    If someone wants to make a bulk order, we’d need to do some sort of USA-based shipping address that can do freight forwarding for them. At this point they would be like a retailer.

    That sounds like a lot of work (on both sides) but if you’re interested in setting up a USA address that we could ship a bulk order to (and that you would forward to Germany), let me know and I’ll see if we can set something up in BackerKit.

  15. I probably missed this info somewhere but how are PDF updates being handled from here for Backers? Will we get a code for DriveThru or some other method?

  16. Guy Sodin, when we release updates they will go to all the download channels. Specifically:

    If you bought through DriveThru. When the standard edition is updated there will be an update there.

    If you backed on Kickstarter or pre-ordered on BackerKit, the updated PDFs will be attached to the BackerKit digital downloads.

  17. Sean Nittner This was asked on the KS comment thread, but I never saw a clear answer – is there any chance KS backers could get a DTRPG code, as well? It’s a lot nicer to have everything in one place, rather than needing to remember I have this game on DTRPG, that one on BackerKit, etc.

    On a related note, what is the plan for the bonus PDF content for the Tinkerer ($45) level? The KS mentions that we will get the U’Duasha content – will that be in the form of the special edition PDF, as a separate download, etc? Similarly, will the for-purchase stretch goals be in the form of a DTRPG code (which would be ideal, as above), or some other form?


  18. Carl LeCompte, we’re not planning on combining them during the BackerKit campaign. The products are two different SKUs PDF vs Print + PDF and combining them now would be an accounting nightmare. Once the BK closes though we’ll review again.

    Tinkers and other backers with access to the U’Dasha content will get access through BackerKit once the files are completed.

    The for purchase stretch goals will be available from their creators but once the Blades website is up, will have links pointing to all the available content so it’s easy to find.

  19. Congrats! Wonderful, wonderful news. One question regarding the reference sheets – the previous versions’ players ref included a second page covering “Payoff; Heat; Entanglements; Downtime”. This looks to be missing in the final version, is there a plan to make one?

  20. I think I read somewhere the file was going to be updated today. Am I recalling this correctly or is my brain completely discombobulated due to Blades’ inherent awesomeness?

  21. Brandon Perkins we’re sending it to the printer today, but there are still a couple tweaks we want to do before releasing the PDF (namely adding bookmarks and hyperlinks) so it will be released, but right now it’s on the soon schedule.

  22. I’ve heard mutterings of an 8.1 that’s coming with many corrections and whatever. Any idea when that might be? If it’s not for a little while, think I’ll crack on with reading through v8.0 but if it’s soon, I’ll hold on.

    (Edit: Just seen something about an update coming “soon”. Maybe “is that soon like days, weeks or months?” might be a better question.)

  23. Nope, we’re off to the printer at this point, but if there are digital only errors that we can fix in a future update, email me seannittner @ gmail and I’ll add them to the list.

  24. Finally managed to get v8.1 on to my ipad. Can’t wait to sit down and go through the whole thing cover to cover. I’ve been so keen to see the finished book but this is the first time I’ve had access to a laptop to be able to download it.

  25. Do we know when the backerkit will lock everything in?

    I know the notice said 2/28 as the preferred point, and I have my email receipt, but I haven’t actually had any funds deducted and am panicking I’ve somehow given faulty payment info.

  26. It would be nice to have an idea when the money will come out. I mean, it’s not going anywhere, but I’m one of those people who is much more comfortable when spent money is spent.

  27. Ben Liepis and Christopher Bedford, good questions. Here’s what I know now.

    The standard edition books (we estimate) will be sent to the distributor by 4/25 and begin shipping then. The special edition books will arrive at distro on 5/12 and start shipping then. If you ordered both standard and special, you’ll get a single package once the specials are available.

    Typically we start the billing process a little before those shipments go out. I’m confirming a more specific time frame now and will report back with more info when I have it.

  28. Thank you very much, Sean. Even though we’re continually accounting for that expense, it’s good to have a closer timeframe. Stellar customer service, as always!

  29. Hi all, I’ve confirmed that cards should be getting charged on 4/11. That will also be the last date to change your address, so if you’re moving (or have recently moved) get it in there. I’m going to ask John to put out a Kickstarter update with that info as well.

  30. Do we know if anyone has started getting their special edition copies yet? I wasn’t smart enough to record what kind of shipping I paid for, so I’ve spent every day since the 12th coming back from a 9-hour work shift and panickedly checking the porch >_>

  31. Once all the special editions have been shipped out they’ll send us the tracking numbers. I’ll put out an a post once that happen. After that if you want a tracking number feel free to ping me. I’ll see if I can set up a mail merge to email them all out but I have to wait to see what format they send them in first.

  32. Hi Duamn Figueroa, the freight forwarder (Game Quest) doesn’t have them yet, but once they ship them out we’ll ask for tracking numbers. I hope in a couple weeks.

  33. Matthew Vincett domestic shipping is going out via USPS. I though they would start shipping last week but Alliance was still working on other shipments and getting them packaged up. I’ll put up a post once I hear form them that shipping has started.

  34. Simply knowing USPS gives me something to look out for and helps peace of mind, thank you sir.

    I’ll leave a note with the delivery folks to set any packages on the stoop, hidden.

  35. I just got a notification on usps.com that I had a package coming from Ft. Wayne IN. Since I’m waiting on the special edition, I’m guessing that’s what it is.

    (I think Sean is “on the road” right now, so it’s possible he will update us when he returns…?)

  36. Hi Kevin Denehy, yep, I’m traveling at the moment but that sounds likely. I know last week they were finishing up another ship out still and planning to get copies of Blades sent out. I don’t have confirmation that has happened yet, but it’s the plan.

  37. Oh, goddess. I hope not; “shipped from Fort Wayne” has become USPS code for “we lost your package and will not honor your inquiries or insurance”!

    I’ll keep a weather eye open for it, thanks folks.

  38. The initial test print didn’t look good enough. I’m tweaking graphics and testing again. I’ll post a KS update when I have a more solid date in hand.

  39. I see mention of “for purchase” stretch goals, but there is no distinction in the campaign. At The INfiltrator and up, you’re supposed to get all stretch goals as a PDF, no mention of having to purchase any additionally. Can someone clarify that for me?

  40. People asking about “for purchase” are those that missed the kickstarter campaign (like me) and are trying to figure out how to get the stretch goal materials after the fact. Anyone that backed the kickstarter with a reward including stretch goals will get them when they’re available without any other purchase, AFAIK.

  41. David Johnson and Cameron Corniuk, yep, everyone who backed the Kickstarter at a level that included the Stretch Goals will get them free (at least the digital versions) as they are available.

  42. Hrafn Afnsaz Mine is listed as being from Stamps.com in Fort Wayne. I’m guessing that’s where it’s coming from.

    Now, there hasn’t been a change in status since the original listing showed up, so I’m guessing postage has been purchased but not actually mailed yet.

  43. Hi John Harper & Sean Nittner, is there some place where I can look up current status of Stretch Goal Add ons, the SRD and other projects of John? Its kind of hard to keep track of stuff here on G+

  44. Hi Vandel J. Arden, once the Blades website is up that should have most of that information. Until then it’s scattered throughout G+ and Kickstarter updates. The site’s been delayed while we work on the PoD copies but it should be up in August.

  45. Andy Owlington, do you mean there aren’t any retailers in Australia that are carrying it, or that shipments made from the Kickstarter/BackerKit fulfillment aren’t arriving?

  46. Sean Nittner all good, I’ll just have to be extra patient. I reached out to Aetherworks myself to see what they know. Ive started a new game and (perhaps foolishly) thought that they’ed be in stock by now. I have the PDF, but the book is so nice (my good friend backed the special edition, my god it’s beautiful) and so much easier to work from. Well done guys!

  47. Question: John Harper, can a Hardcase retro-upgrade to a Hacker pledge? Would be nice getting ones stinking fingers on these files of yours. Asking for a friend 🙂

  48. Jimmy Ringkvist, there was a grace widow to do that upgrade during the BackerKit but we closed that off in April when we started getting ready to do fulfillment.

  49. Anthony Costa, it’s over to Randy now. He said last week that he expects to have a version for John and I to review at the end of this week. I’ll post once I’ve seen it.

  50. Hi Vincent Primault, not at the moment but a future release that includes all the city supplements may be available (once all the cities are written). We’ll have to see how those shape up.

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