So here s v.0.03 of Desks in the Dark.

So here s v.0.03 of Desks in the Dark.

So here s v.0.03 of Desks in the Dark.  The rules are evolving further from bitd, which I see as a cool thing.  Big changes, you can’t resist the consequences of your actions if they come up, string limits are based on your social status, xp stealing is more attractive, and now rules for clique membership (since in the play test I now have characters able to join cliques). I’d love to hear people’s thoughts, especially John Harper if he can find the time.

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  1. I’ll think about it, but right now I don’t see a need to change the term, seeing as the game is still in early play testing.  My initial thought is extra credit suggests that students are doing something positive (which isn’t a common thing in the game, the game is about misbehaving), instead of reckless self destructive behavior.  So far in my play test campaign, there have been possible demons about so the Devil’s bargain hasn’t felt out of place.

  2. I am so gonna have to pitch this to my tabletop group!  But now I have a quasi-Edwardian Potteresque setting in my head, with help from PG  Wodehouse…

  3. You can totally do a potter game with these rules, but I recommend having the players decide what the school is like. My group chose an English boarding school where all the kids are disturbing in various ways, usually by way of weird ass and dangerous super natural abilities.

  4. In my experience it is staggering just how much worse players will make their situation. In my last session they accidentally told a rather amoral npc to blow up the school with an atomic bomb. I am so glad they figured that out and told him that was too far.

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