13 thoughts on “So I’m thinking my heist ‘clocks’ may just become physical ‘keys’.”

  1. My Idea Ollie is to place the keys out on the table on the map at each ‘location’ in the heist. Each key having four ‘segments’ (so some obstacles may have two or more keys).

    I have these cool little skull beads in black that’ll fill the segments as the players knock them over. They can hang onto the keys for xp or desperate roll tokens or just on a keyring looking badarse for bragging rights 🙂

  2. I love that the keys could become a medium by which you describe locations… Would help to share ideas between GM’s.  “You want to break into the Dimmer Sister’s home? Here’s a key that I made for that place…”

    Would be the equivalent of a BitD adventure module…

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