Had our first session tonight.

Had our first session tonight.

Had our first session tonight. It was all gang and character creation except for one scouting action, but everyone had a great time and is very excited. We noticed one thing: “a brace” of something is a pair. So just have six throwing knives or a bundle of six or a brace of them, but not “a brace of six”.

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  1. Yeah Jason, that does seem odd wording.

    The word ‘brace’ itself is related to the verbs ‘to brace’ and ‘to embrace’: the original meaning (from Old French brace) is ‘[a pair of] arms’. ‘To brace’ originally meant ‘clasp/fasten tightly’, which is a plausible meaning for a verb directly derived from the word for an arm. ‘To embrace’ is simply to put something in [your] arms.

    Maybe six of knives half dozen the other 😉

  2. Here’s another:

    In the example job against the Dimmer Sisters, patrols is 4 in the text, but the clock is 8.

    Not trying to nitpick what looks like is going to be an mazing game, just trying to help. :)

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