Another scum and Villiany question.

Another scum and Villiany question.

Another scum and Villiany question. I am totally stuck on ship quality for maintenance purposes. What is the “/” for? I know it must mean two different applications or something but can find it nowhere. Also, what exactly am I adding together? So, let’s look at the stardancer on page 122. Crew quality 0/3, engines 1/4, hull 2/4 weapons 0/2. So is it 19 divided by 4 for cost of 4? Or 16 divided by 4 for a cost of four. Either way seems kind of high. Any help and/or page numbers would be appreciated.

Also…a Scum specific g+ page would be awesome!


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  1. My understanding is that those numbers are starting quality / max quality. So if you look at the starting ship, the total ship and crew quality is 3. Divided by 4 and rounded down… the upkeep would be 0.

    BUT, since you up either improve two systems or crew quality when you customize your ship (page 113) you’re looking at a starting upkeep of 1.

  2. Look at the crew sheets. 0/3 means you start with 0 out of 3.

    You add up the points you have. So if you have 0 + 1 + 2 + 0 = 3. At crew creation you always add 2 quality points … so it’ll be 5 (wherever you put them). 5 divided by 4 round down is 1. So your starting upkeep should be 1 cred.

    And your crew starts with the option of 2 cred. If you spent it … hope your first job pays ^_~

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