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  1. I like the contrast of white on top, since I use a dark table header. And it creates a clear separation at the bottom between the table and a text block below. Is there a reason to do gray on top?

  2. I put grey on top to signal the beginning of a table, but I also never use fill in headers (and sometimes don’t use headers). I just can’t tell now if I prefer it that way for practical reasons, aesthetic reasons, or just because I’ve grown used to it, that’s why I ask.

  3. John, thank you. Thank you very, very much. That is perfect. As far as the page size, will the PDF still be landscape (at least for the cheat sheets)? It works perfectly with my customizable GM screen.

  4. You magnificent bastard. This is exactly the Christmas present I’ve always wanted! I feel like I can start stitching the book together myself with all of the bonuses you’ve been giving us.

  5. Besides the playbook/crew sheets and the player/GM reference sheets, what other printable (11×8.5) sheets do people find useful?

    I generally print the list of items on the back of the character creation sheet and the page with the short descriptions of the factions on the back of the crew creation sheet. I also print out the purveyors of vice sheet even though it has a large image on it. A more printable purveyors list along with a printable notables of Duskvol would be useful.

  6. Paul Byford on my Roll 20 game i have handouts for all the districts. As well as some selected pages for rules that come up all the time like gather info and engagement rolls.

  7. Perhaps there is a case for a 3rd player reference page detailing the mechanics of gather info, engagement rolls, the effects of harm and the healing process.

    As an aside, I’m still unsure how to judge the quality of an NPC healer and when a Retore roll is needed. I can see that if acquire asset is used then a result of poor to exquisite gives 0 – 3 dice, but how do you judge an NPC contact from a playbook or Cree sheet both for their quality and for if they are skilled enough to not need to roll for Restore. Is a witch or apothecary qualified enough to not need a roll?

  8. Michael Yater I have made a page for each district and put the pages in the top left corner. Everything that happens in that district happens on the districts page, and once an event is over I group the artwork together, reduce it in size and put it on the map layer. Each area is building its own history

  9. I love the way the “Assassins” header melds with the white of the page. John’s layout has this slick, organic vibe to it and really fits the feel of the game.

  10. The recent teasers look splendid, very clean looking and very clear. As a note on the Assassins should it be Doskvol, rather than Duskwall, or is the colloquialism intentional?

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